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Nury Castillo Crawford

Nury Castillo Crawford, mother of three sons, a life-long educator for over 20 years, Owner of 1010 Publishing LLC and a published author. She was born in Peru, South America. She migrated to the United States when she was ten years old. The transition to a new environment and culture was a shock to her, but with the love and support of her family, she flourished and grew up to become a successful entrepreneur.

She attended Florida A&M University, where she attained a B.S. and M.S. degrees. By the age of 30, she was married, had three perfect little boys and was a teacher in Florida. She relocated to Georgia where she resides today. She has had held many capacities within education administration Education is her passion and she feels privileged to support children grow both academically and socially.


As a spirited entrepreneur and Author, Nury Founded 1010 Publishing LLC, a publishing company born out of a sheer desire to help others in the process of seeing their personal writing transformed into a publishable project. 1010 Publishing LLC specializes in helping exceptional novice and veteran authors publish their literary creations. The company prides itself in helping authors write, edit, design, and distribute their novel or nonfiction work. 1010 Publishing LLC publishes titles in paperback, hardcover, and the popular eBook format. A positive and personal approach is the key to providing exemplary customer service.

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