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Lloyd Knight

Lloyd Knight began his career as a student teacher and has worked at nearly every level including classroom teacher, curriculum resource teacher and assistant principal. In his time at Chicago International Charter School  Lloyd Bond, they achieved breakthrough growth in reading and math through the implementation of Daily 5, Math Daily 3, and a rigorous independent reading program. In two years the school Bo went from the closed list to the 4th Best Charter Elementary School in the City of Chicago accord to Chicago Magazine.

As the Lead Principal of NC for Charter Schools USA, he spearheaded the expansion of five new buildings and the largest portfolio of charter schools in the state of North Carolina.

Mr. Knight is a trained peacekeeper, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Shaw University in North Carolina, and earned his Master of Arts degree in education leadership from DePaul University in Chicago.

Mr.  Knight is currently the principal at Thomas Carr Howe Community High School

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